A messsage from our Admissions Director

Thank you for your interest in Newark Boys Chorus School (NBCS). Founded in 1969, NBCS is a fully accredited independent school for young men grades 4-8.

The NBCS mission is: to develop our students into successful young men of sound character through rigorous academic and musical training.

We seek young men with the ability to be molded into leaders of tomorrow. Academic prowess is a fundamental criterion for admission to our institution. Each student's potential is fostered through a challenging academic program, personal development and artistic nurturing.

The NBCS program conjoins both academic and music education. It focuses on discipline, respect for self and others, character building, music and academic progress. This focus follows them into the classroom and as they travel and experience the world as members of the NBCS Concert Chorus.

NBCS students benefit immensely from an experienced and dedicated staff of professional educators, musicians and continued support from sponsors. We readily assure all applicants chosen to be a member of our institution that they will undergo an experience unlikely to be paralleled by any other.

The application process for admittance to Newark Boys Chorus School consists of six steps:

1. Completing your written application (forms provided or online).
2. Acquiring your academic transcripts from your current school (form provided).
3. Acquiring at least one teacher recommendation (form provided).
4. Academic assessment (to be held at NBCS).
5. Musical Audition (to be held at NBCS).
6. Parent and applicant interviews (to be held at NBCS).

NBCS accepts applications and makes admission decisions on a rolling basis. Therefore, due to the significant number of applicants, we encourage you to submit your application materials as early as possible. No applicant will be considered for admission until all six steps of the application process are completed.

We must receive the following materials in order to continue with the application process:

 A competed application form (forms provided or online)
 An academic transcript from your current School (request form provided)
 At least one teacher recommendation (teacher recommendation form provided)


Parents should print, sign and present the Transcript Release Form to your school's principal, guidance counselor or registrar. They must then send an official and complete transcript reflecting your performance including the most current progress report.


After we have received the required materials, the application process may continue with an academic assessment held at the Newark Boys Chorus School. The NBCS academic assessment is nothing more than a way of determining the skill and grade
performance levels of applicants.


The next step in the application process is the musical audition. Along with an academic assessment, each young man will undergo a simple musical audition to determine his natural singing voice and musical potential. There is no requirement to fulfill prior to this audition.


High grades and musical talents are not all we are seeking in our students. At NBCS, we "admit" the whole family, because we know there is little chance of success without committed and supportive parents and community. Therefore, both parents and the applicants are required to meet with NBCS staff.