Educating Boys in Grades 4 - 8

The Newark Boys Chorus School, NBCS for short, is an independent school advancing the education and lives of young men. It is fully accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. By balancing a rigorous academic program with intensive music performance training, students learn teamwork, discipline and time management skills essential to succeed.

Our students continue their achievements at prestigious secondary schools and become leaders in their careers and communities.

The school's roots can be traced back to 1966 when a chorus, comprised of 66 local students, was recruited to sing the angels' voices in the New Jersey Symphony and Garden State Ballet's performance of Tchaikovsky's The Nutcracker. Their debut was such a huge hit that additional performances were demanded. However, the rigors and commitment needed for practice cut into time for schoolwork. To give the boys an academic experience on par with their musical one, the New Jersey Symphony trustees helped create our school in 1969, which was officially named the Newark Boys Chorus School in 1972. Today we carry on that legacy of academic and music performance excellence.

Much has changed since NBCS first opened its doors, but what has not changed are our guiding principles and values. Our mission is to provide a complete education of the mind and heart, seeking excellence as well as a compassion for humanity, to empower young men to foster a lifelong love of music and learning, and to make a high quality education accessible to the young men of Newark and the surrounding communities. These principles are not just admired from afar; they are the ideals that our Trustees, faculty, staff and alumni strive for on a daily basis.

Known as Newark's "Musical Ambassadors", NBCS was named the Discover Jersey Arts winner of the People's Choice Award for Favorite Choral Group for 2015. Our students have been heard throughout the world, performing a diversified repertoire that includes classical music, spirituals, folk music and jazz. We have performed in world-renowned venues such as Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and the New Jersey Performing Arts Center, in addition to the White House and cathedrals throughout Europe. Each year, the Concert Chorus and Apprentice Chorus perform for an audience of more than 25,000 at more than 60 concerts, lending their voices to celebrate the art of music and raise awareness of important community and social issues.

A vast majority of our students come from the inner city and deal with many challenges as an everyday part of their life. We are a diverse, energetic and inspiring community. We are filled with charismatic personalities and powerful stories. At NBCS, we celebrate these things. We are stronger because we nurture our differences and celebrate our uniqueness.

Each year, the NBCS experience has an immeasurable impact on the lives of so many. In celebration of more than 45 years of academic and musical excellence, we produced a video highlighting our young men on their academic and musical journey. The final product "Think of Me! Forget Me Not! - The NBCS Story" documents our unique message of inspiration and joy serving as a recruitment and development resource for prospective students as well as our community members, donors and supporting agencies.

Newark Boys Chorus School

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